Active Sport Transfer (Getagadget)

100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and Cotton Poly Blends

Active Sport is your go-to formula for the most versatility available!
Because it is applied at a lower temperature, you can apply our Active Sport transfers to a wide range of fabrics.

Active Sport is the undefeated champion of heat transfers!

Custom Screen Print Transfer available in 1 and 2 color.

Production starts once specs are approved by customer



This durable, full color transfer combines digitally printed graphics with a screen printed backing. Xtreme Color Soft gives you all the vibrancy of Xtreme Color with an extra soft, no shine finish that leaves your design with clean edges and fine details.


Xtreme Color Stretch uses a waterbased ink that combines everything you love about our Xtreme Color formula with game changing stretch and rebound ability resulting in zero cracking. The ultimate in durability when it comes to elastic apparel.


Xtreme Color Blocker is our classic, fan-favorite, full color transfer with a twistadded blocker within the formula to prevent dye migration. Use this digital screen printed transfer on a multitude of fabric types (including sublimated polyester) with absolutely no bleeding through your image.


Can be applied onto 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and Cotton Poly Blends.
Soft feel, can stretch and not crack!
Tremendous durability can be washed more than 50 times and no cracks
Digital Screen Printed transfers
Max opacity to make your products look vibrant block dye migration


Digital Screen Printed Transfer

Simply the best option for you to knock out those jobs that need maximum color and the best quality.

We process your art file in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to print all the details in your art file.

Xtreme Color Transfers receives a backer so you can have the best vibrancy of colors on dark and light color garments.


Single Image

Just one design in the printing area.

Sizes Sheets


Multiple designs on the printing area for you to cut it apart.
Please be aware you will receive the sheet as the uploaded file.

Sizes Sheets



1. As you see it, we will print it

The file must have the size you need it to print and in the direction you want to see it, if you don´t know how to do it please request the resize service, Just be aware it could delay the order one day.

2. Select the inks you need

If your design is in one color or two colors you can select from our stock inks

If you want to order FULL COLOR PROCESS be aware we will print every color in your file, do not upload background colors. Use white only where you wish to have white printed.

3. Format for your Art files

If you only have an image in .JPG, .PNG or TIFF it should have a high resolution of 300 dp.i. at the size you need it, but don´t worry! if you don´t know how to do it we can help you at [email protected]

4. Printing requirements

For full color designs

The printing areas must have 3 pt (9 Pixels) of thickness to print correctly

5. Fonts and text

Be aware you are using fonts that could be just in your computer, please closed the fonts to convert them in vectors and it will not change when we open it.